Underground Railroad
Coalition of Delaware

Promoting and preserving the authentic history of the Underground Railroad in Delaware.

Since 2002, the Coalition has been preparing research aids and bringing documented stories to the public that strive to tell the full history of those who claimed their freedom within and through the state, the helpers, the kidnappers, and the places of legal challenge. We invite you to explore the stories here and to visit the places where they happened. We also invite you along on the research journey to bring more stories to life.

The Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway

The Coalition established and manages the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad (HTUR) Byway, part of a two-state route, off the beaten path, that offers one way to tell the multifaceted story of enslavement and freedom in Delaware. The route, stretching from Sandtown in Kent County to the Pennsylvania line north of Centreville, is based on places that were important to Harriet Tubman as she navigated the Delaware landscape on rescue missions to Maryland between 1849 and 1861. Between those places are other important Underground Railroad stories as well as historic agricultural, industrial, and coastal evocative landscapes.

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